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How important are the logo items for your products?

Identifying a product in a wide range of competing products is the number one question for the advertisers and for the merchandisers but also for your internal marketing team. Half the battle is won when a product “pops” up off the shelf, marketing merchandise when it stands out, not as a “sore thumb” but as something desirable to the public. Indeed, there is value in unique product, and this uniqueness can be achieved in a number of ways.

One of the ways in which a company can make its products stand out is through the use of logo items that are unique, interesting and easy to remember. Logo design is a business in itself, a portion of graphic design that is very interesting, important and also, very hard to predict. There are large companies that have spent no more than a few dollars on their logos and companies that have spent millions of dollars on minimalist logo designs. The company Accenture for instance has one of the most simple and yet unique logo designs at large and its logo cost them an incredible 10 million dollars to design. Most of the money has gone into research.

Each of the unique characteristics of the logo communicate something different – some communicate simplicity, others communicate forward thinking while others communicate ease of use and friendliness. The logo items are therefore on the threshold of art and science and a company can choose to invest massively in them or they can choose to invest only a small amount.

The logo items for new products for instance can take the road of simplicity, using the font type of the manufacturing company, or they can go to a place where they incorporate more information and have an identity of their own. The value of the logo is however mostly in the way it is perceived and how easy it is to be remembered.
It is very hard to endow a logo with sentimental value, most of the times it is a question of usage over time and perception. However, if a company manages to do this, then the company will have a new ace up its sleeve: attracting people by communicating a feeling to them.

This psychological connection can be achieved by trimming and by dressing up the logo when there are legal celebrations – treating the logo a living entity – endowing it with a persona that is relatable.

Ultimately, for a company the question is who should design the logo items, them or a third party. new promotional items The latter option is valid today since there are online platforms that manage to produce logos for little money and they can be very popular and very distinguishable.
Also, the logo items can be revamped/brought up to date to represent the current design values, which at the moment veer towards simplicity and minimalism. However, no logo will ever be able to take the place of a good product, so don’t think that your logo can entice customers to buy on its own – at the end of the day it remains just another mechanism to handle your advertising and can only do so much for your company.

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